I'm very passionate about my work. Always giving more than required. I've saved more than 35 000$ in licences and hardware to my last company thanks to my extra work and connections, when I brought it up to ask for a few favours they told me "We didn't ask you to do this specifically, we asked you to find solutions, which you did". This article will be about the employment contract and why I think it can be a scam.

I don't know about your country but in France we have a type of employment contracts called "CDI Cadre". It means "Long term contract without fixed hours but with fixed objectives" and it is considered the Holy Grail of employment contracts. Basically it's salary as a subscription : you're paid the same amount every month regardless of how much your boss "uses" you. Renting an apartment or taking a loan in France is 10 times easier with this kind of contract.

The recruiters will say about a CDI :

  • It's safer for you, you won't have to look for another job, you have one secured here!
  • Since you have "flexible hours" you can adjust your work schedule to your workload! I think you're talented so you'll probably finish your days at 4pm, right?
  • We only have this daily meeting at 9am. Quick and easy. [IT specific : Because we are cool kids, we use Scrum and Agile.]

They will not say :

  • If you want to resign you have to give 3 month notice. You know you won't get job insurance pay if you resign from a CDI so you won't! We own you!
  • [IT specific : We are working with a huge backlog so there is always something more to do.] We have a lot of work to be done. You will never finish your day before 7pm since nobody leaves before 7pm. And "team spirit" is important.
  • Yes you have to be present at that 9am meeting. It means you have to be at work from 9am to (at least) 7pm. Yes, it is a daily overtime of 3h compared to a "non-cadre" contract. No, it will not be paid.

Same as for commuting, 3h of your time per day is worth 15 120€ per year. This brings it to a total of 25 200€ per year.

I think the next time I'll sign a "CDI Cadre" is the day I can pay my groceries as a subscription. Can you imagine walking in a Target or Carrefour, paying a monthly fee of 200€ and being able to walk out of there with anything you want? That's exactly the comfort bosses of CDI Cadre have.  

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