It's 2019 folks! Happy new year! 🥂🍾 My 2019 resolution is to switch to freelancing, mostly home-office.

I'm only 25 and I've joined and left 10 different companies already. I think it says as much about me as it says about the state of IT positions in France.

Right after high-school my main objective was to try as many things as possible and narrow it down from there. I was able to narrow down my field, Mobile and other frontend technologies were more my thing, but I couldn't find the job parameters for me : managers, projects, pay, location... I even tried to create my own company 2 years ago, it failed again because of french co-founders = bad (co)managers and bad pay ...

Tired of only complaining, and surely annoying my surrounding with it, I decided to take action.

I took some time off during the last 6 months to think about what was bothering me deeply, clean it up of all the anger and feelings and analyse what was really going wrong. Here it is :

TL;DR : Goals

  • Commuting smarter, only when really necessary
  • 1h worked = 1h paid
  • Choosing my middlemen better
  • Never promise to get tasks done but agree to work on tasks