Drag and drop solutions for Xamarin

The drag and drop user interaction is a popular subject in the Xamarin world. Most solutions we can find online are native implementations, here are the documentations I could find.

Drag and drop solutions for Xamarin

Drag and Drop ressources by Microsoft

(iOS only, couldn't find for Android ... )

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android

Draggable View via Custom Renderer by XamBoy

Rendy Del Rosario aka. XamBoy has published an article and a github sample of his implementation for each platform of a draggable view.

Blog post
Github Sample

Reorder ListView Items with Drag & Drop by Can Bilgin

Can Bilgin has published multiple articles about reorderable ListViews.

Article 1 : Xamarin.iOS Implementation
Article 2 : Xamarin.Android Implementation

Xamarin.Android only

Drag and Drop sample on Xamarin.Android by Robin-Manuel Thiel

Robin-Manuel Thiel aka. pumpingcode published a Xamarin.Android solution for Drag and dropping.

Blog post

Coming soon : I'll detail a pure Xamarin.Forms implementation of Drag and Drop.

Stay tuned! 🙂