Organising your Azure Subscriptions

Since I was a student I always had multiple Azure Subscriptions, coming from different sources :

Each of them had a different amount of money included and the only way to know about it was by navigating to this (slow loading) page :

It became such a waste of time that I decided to find a solution to tell the difference between each of them.

If you go to your Azure Billing blade in your Azure Portal :

You'll find a list of all your subscriptions. When you click on one you'll arrive on it's blade. At the top you'll have the "Rename" and "Manage" buttons that will be useful.

Subscription blade

I simply renamed all of them with :

[Name of a StarWars Planet] [Subscription Type] [Amount]
  • I use the [Name of a StarWars Planet] as a Unique Identifier that can be easily remembered. You can also use names of cities you like or first names ... Any set of short words can work.
  • The [Subscription Type] can be found when you click on the "Manage" button of your subscription's information blade. At the bottom of the right panel you'll find the "Offer" name.
  • The [Amount] is also very useful to know where to put expensive resources and where to put less expensive ones.

Tell me in the comments how you name yours 😊